Other Navajo Nation Resources:

  • The Navajo satellite chapters of Ramah, Alamo, and To’hajiiilee get annual scholarship funding.
  • The other Navajo Nation chapters often receive monies for scholarships during the budget sessions. Contact your local chapter official regarding any available funding.

Scholarship opportunities from local businesses, enterprises, & charities:

Harvard University

Announced over the weekend that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families will pay no tuition. In making the announcement, Harvard's president Lawrence H. Summers said, "When only ten percent of the students in elite higher education come from families in the lower half of the income distribution, we are not doing enough. We are not doing enough in bringing elite higher education to the lower half of the income distribution." If you know of a family earning less than $60,000 a year with an honor student graduating from high school soon, Harvard University wants to pay the tuition. The prestigious university recently announced that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families can go to Harvard for free, no tuition and no student loans! To find out more about Harvard offering free tuition for families making less than $60,000 a year, visit Harvard's financial aid website at http://www.fao.fas.harvard.edu/ or call the school's financial aid office at (617) 495-1581.

Elks Club

Nationally, two students, a male and female, each are awarded $60,000 scholarships by the Elks. These students will receive $15,000 per year scholarships to attend college for four years. More than 400 such scholarships, with dollar amounts scaling down to $8,000 are awarded nationally. Check with the Elks Club in your vicinity for available scholarships. Elks Club are located in all the border town. (Gallup, Farmington, Grants, Albuquerque, Aztec, Winslow, Holbrook, St Johns, Snowflake, Flagstaff, Page, Showlow, Cortez, Durango) Look in local newspapers for one-time scholarship opportunities from local organizations.

Scholarship Opportunity

GALLUP — The Old Timers Softball Association is sponsoring a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors. This year the organization will award four scholarships of $500. Preference will be given to qualified applicants who plan to attend UNM-Gallup, and the scholarship award is for one year only. Applicants need to write a letter, 500 to 700 words in length, explaining their academic goals in college, their future career goals, and why they have a financial need for the scholarship. Letters should be mailed in care of: G. Lopez, 405 E. Montoya, Gallup, N.M. 87301; applicants must include their name, mailing address, and phone number.

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